Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alicia studied with masters Amicarelli and Carpaneli and in MEEBA (Mutualidad de Estudiantes y Egresados de Bellas Artes). 

She is also a professional musician studying in the Conservatorio Provincial Julian Aguirre de Moron, Buenos Aires and the Conservatorio Manuel de Falla. She has also made serious incursions in modern dance at the Patricia Stokoe Institute of Buenos Aires and the Escuela de Arte Dramatico of Bogota, Columbia.
She is a Tango dancer, show woman, singer and composer.  Alicia plays several instruments, is a body builder, has a B.A. in Education and an M.A. in Music.  She was School of Arts’ director in Buenos Aires and produced several radio programs, among other activities.
She has been showing her work since 1977, and has had exhibitions and collectors in Argentina, USA, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Japan, France, Russia, China,  South Korea, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Germany, Guatemala, Venezuela, Chile, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, among others.

She has held more than 40 solo exhibitions and nearly 100 group exhibitions.

She has been the featured artists in International Shows like Art Miami and New York Art Expo since 1998 and her work has been published since 1999.

Hollywood celebrities like Dick Van Dyke among others, own a variety of her originals.

 Her work has also been featured in important art magazines worldwide, TV programs and Art Dictionaries. (Examples: The Learning Channel, Extreme Make over, Televisa International, Univision news, etc)

Amongst her awards she received two third prizes in the city of Beverly Hills, selection in Segunda Bienal del Noroeste in Mexico, the honorable mention at Orange Bowl in California, and a memorable first place finish as a child in the contest for young painters organized by Colegio Rivadavia in Buenos Aires Argentina.

Due to this award, she received a scholarship to study with Master Antonio Parodi. She has also received recognition for her humanitarian and philanthropy work.

She now lives in Miami, Florida, and is represented by a wide numbers of galleries and dealers worldwide.

Alicia is World Wide Special Representative for Friends of the United Nations and is one of the International Day of Peace Planners, worldwide, for the United Nations.  She also works as UN Consultant for Friends of the UN.


Alicia Quaini updated biography (Brief version)
VERY SPECIAL thanks and gratitude to:

Carlos Velasco: Because once upon a time, he brought to my house a set of brushes and oil paint tubes that he bought as a present. He told me: "Now, you go back to paint, there are no more excuses"
Carlos was my husband

Ilich Almonte: because he took care of so many photos, show's applications, digital files... he organized thousands of photos of my work that I wouldn't have done without his help. He work on organizing my work was the most outstanding done in that filed. 
He applied for all the shows that opened the big doors for my career and expansion. He supported all my trips wherever they were. He loved me deeply and I thank him for that.
Ilich witnesses the most important times in my life.
He told me to go to United Nations and that week was when I was offered the incredible position of Word Wide Representative for Friends of the United Nations. Like magic, I all of a sudden had in my hands the tool I needed to give my present to human kind.
He encouraged me to paint even when I didn't want. He brought me mates and yoghurts when I was only thinking about paint.
I was married to this man. 

James Elias: He was my assistant only during a short time.
But he admired me so much, that he could make me see how my paintings were sold because people just love my work. Even when my name wasn't as big as others.
He made incredible presentations of my work and very impressive descriptions of my personality. He had the right words at the right time. I thank him for that. James and me were not related except for work.